Beginners Light Lotion








1 hour

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Beginners Light Lotion

Now don't be daunted! If this is your first attempt, this formula will ease you into lotionmaking!  Read our Lotion Making Instructions, and have everything ready to go. Like the Boy Scout motto, be prepared! Set everything out, have all the ingredients pre-weighed and follow temperatures closely and you'll be fine.

This is a very basic, easy to make, pumpable lotion that is still really nice and light and leaves your skin soft and moisturised. Its good for facial application as well as the body if you like a light moisturiser. This lotion is suitable for Tottle or Malibu Tubes, Pump or regular Boston Bottles or a tub if you prefer.

There are several choices below of emulsifier - don't know why to choose?   Emulisfying Wax NF is our recommendation, and it's included in the trolley items.

Water Phase

Oil Phase

Final Phase


For instructions on how to make Lotions from Scratch, please see our Basic Lotion Making Instructions Page

If using Add to trolley, please then go and select your preferred fragrance or essential oils

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 500g
Time: 1 hour