Camellia and Olive Leaf Extract Moisture Lotion








1 hour

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Camellia and Olive Leaf Extract Moisture Lotion

This formula features our organic Olive Leaf Extract, a powerful anti oxidant, and Hydrolyzed Oats to assist the skin retain moisture. We have included Conditioning Emulsifier for a cushioned and velvety feel. This lotion delivers emollience and soaks in quite quickly and is useful as for facial use, or all over after being in the sun.

Suitable for Malibu or Tottle Tubes and Stubby Bottles with a lotion pump.


Water Phase

Oil Phase

Final Phase

For instructions on how to make Lotions from Scratch, please see our Lotion Making Instructions Page


Note:  If you substitute Oliv-Emulse for Emulsifying Wax NF you may need to increase it by up to 1%.  Oliv-Emulse is sometimes a little difficult for new lotion makers to use.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 600g
Time: 1 hour