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Facial Masks Using Fresh Ingredients






Products you need to make this recipe

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Fresh Facial Mask


Much of what you'll need to make these three simple recipes will be found in the kitchen.  By including some fresh ingredients from the kitchen, you can make fabulous facial and body masks as you need them. They won't last long as they contain fresh ingredients, and don't have preservatives - so just make them up as needed. So, keep in mind when you are cutting a fresh Avocado, or Banana, or if you see a "Fresh Honey" sign, that some of it might just be needed for a facial treatment!

Honey and Roses Facial Masque

3 Tablespoons Pink Clay
1 Tablespoon Oatmeal
1 Tablespoon Ground, Dried Rose Petals
1 Tablespoon Honey Powder
1 Tablespoon Natrasorb
1/2 Teaspoon Essential Oils or Fragrance Oil


1. Place the Natrasorb into a mixing bowl large enough to take entire recipe ingredients
2. Now add the Fragrant Oil or Essential Oil/s
3. Mix well to combine, using the back of a spoon to break any lumps into breadcrumb size granules
4. Now add all the rest of the ingredients
5. Use the back of the spoon again to break apart any little lumps
6. If you have an old sieve or sifter, you can put the mixture through it to ensure you have tiny granules
7. Store in an airtight Jar or Tub

To Use:

Take approximately 1 Tablespoon of Dry Mixture and place it in a small dish. Add enough water to make a smooth paste. Allow the mixture to sit a few minutes as you may need to adjust the amount of water as the Clay absorbs the water. Smooth onto the skin, leaving eye area and around the nose free and leave for about 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Tone and moisturise as usual.

Old Fashioned Honey & Oat Mask with Clay

An oldie, but a goodie - the honey helps to draw dirt from the pores of the skin, and the oats a cooling and calming. The only change is that we have included some Clay to enrich this wholesome duo!

1/2 cup Oats (Oatmeal or slightly ground)
1 tablespoon Honey
1 tablespoon of Clay or blend of Choice


  1. Mix together until homogenous and smooth
  2. Apply to your face with fingertips
  3. Leave on the face for 15 minutes
  4. Rinse with warm water and pat dry
  5. Tone and Moisturise as usual if desired


Garden of Eden Fruit Mask

Back to nature and a little bit of fun! Spoil yourself with a fruit salad mask !

Avocado's are wonderful to use in fresh skin care, as are papaya, banana or even peaches! These sorts of masks don't keep, but you could always use half the Avocado and eat the other half! If you don't have an electric Stick Bender or Kitchen Wizz, a fork or potato masher will do the job too.

Choose from:

Ground Oats or Oatmeal

What to do:

Step 1. Throw the peeled fruit of choice into a blender (or a bowl and use a stick blender)
Step 2. Mash/blend the fruit - this will only take a minute or so
Step 3. Add a tablespoon of liquid honey
Step 4. Add a tablespoon of ground oats
Step 5. Combine well. If you are feeling really reckless throw in a tablespoon or two of yoghurt too!

To Use:

Apply to face and neck and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes whilst you relax.  Rinse off with warm water and feel the difference!  Moisturise if desired.

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner