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Gentle Almond & Clay Facial Cleanser






3 - 4 facials


30 mins


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This is my take on the well-known “Angel’s” solid-but-moist almond scrub with “bare skin” in the name!   The original recipe was based on a medieval recipe, has the texture of marzipan and is rolled in lavender buds to finish.  My version has ground lavender flowers mixed in, and is left unrolled so it can be scooped out into the palm of the hand to hydrate and use.  This gentle cleansing mixture leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

The ingredients are totally natural, simple and basic (hence it’s very old origin), and combine well, making a very gentle cleansing paste.  It can be used as a soap free cleanser too.  The clay absorbs grease and dirt, the ground almonds create almond milk when hydrated which is toning and brightening, and the Rose Absolute and/or Lavender Essential Oil have a calming effect on the skin.  You can use this gentle cleansing paste on the face as well as an all over body treatment.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.


 Gentle Almond and Oat Facial Cleanser

Gentle Almond and Oat Facial Cleanser


  • Mix the Glycerine, Rose Water and essential oil/s into a small beaker or cup and mix to combine well.
  • Place all the dry ingredients into a small mixing jug or bowl, and mix well.
  • Add the Glycerine mixture to the almond and clay mixture and begin working the liquid into the powders, adding small amounts at a time.
  • Once the mixture resembles large, moist breadcrumbs it is done.
  • Spoon into a jar or tub.

If you prefer to roll your batch into a log shape (as the orignal product has been), you can do this in the same way as Bubble Bars or a Swiss Roll!  Use some baking parchment and massage the mixture into a sausage shape.  You may need to increase the moisture content to get a perfect roll.


  • By adding ground lavender flowers the finished colour is more grey than cream, to lighten it you can leave the ground lavender out.
  • The mixture will keep safely for several weeks or so without any preservative (the glycerine content is high enough to allow the addition of the Rose Infused Water). 
  • You can adjust the moistsure content and roll this into a log if you prefer.

To Use:

For the Face:   Make a paste by taking a big pinch (about 2 teaspoons) of mixture and add some more Rose Infused Water to make a loose paste, you’ll notice the mixture now looks as if you have added almond milk (this look comes from moistening the combination of the White Clay and the Almond Meal).  Apply to the face, avoiding the eyes, and gently massage in gentle circular movements.  Rinse with water and then moisturise as usual.

For the Body:  Hydrate as above but use a tablespoon of mixture at a time.

 Gentle Almond and Clay Facial Cleanser

Note:  If using Add to Trolley, Rose Absolute 3% is included, not Lavender Essential Oil.

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 3 - 4 facials
Time: 30 mins
save: No
sale: No