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Festive Room Scenter Pot Pourri






30 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

Christmas Pot Pourri


Seasonal Pot Pourri!  I love making these and our large size printed Cello Bags are perfect for packaging if gifting or selling.  These are perfect in bowls on coffee tables, and I fill a large, old fashioned cauldron in our fire places (no fires in Oz at Christmas of course!)

I scent these with Energy Fragrance, which just seems to zing and match the shiny, gold tipped pinecones, but if you prefer choose any festive or summery scents!  You'll find a list of Bramble Berry Fragrances here

 You'll need:

  • Small to medium Pine Cones

  • Assorted Botanicals - minicones, dried flowers (I love Jasmine flowers) - really anything that looks interesting that you come across.  You can collect these from your own garden too over the year

  • Gold Spray Paint - craft or hardware store

  • Energy or other Fragrance

  • Printed Cello Bags in Large (if using large pine cones) if gifting or selling

TIP:  I also include a 10ml bottle of top up fragrance in the pack - 10ml Amber Bottles are here

What to do

  • Cover work surfaces with newspaper, and if possible work outside under a carport out of the wind

  • Place larger pine cones on paper and give them a quick spray with the gold paint and allow to dry

  • in a large bowl or bucket, mix the rest of the dried botanicals and add a good "whack" of fragrance - I personally like around 20ml per 2 litre icecream container measure

  • I then drip a few drops of fragrance on each of the larger pine cones

  • Allow this to all sit in the shade overnight to dry and settle down

  • Pack the smaller botanicals into the bag and nestle 3 larger, golden cones in the top, pop in a bottle of top of scent and tie the bag and label

Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 30 mins