Flexible Mould - Small Slab




Heavy Duty Flexible Platinum Silicone Mould.
The flexibility of this 15cm Silicone Slab Mould makes unmoulding a small decorative slab soap quick and easy.  The inside of this mould has a high gloss finish giving your soap that smooth, professional look.  The sides are reinforced to prevent bowing.  This is the perfect mould to make personal batches of beautiful soap or to test out a new swirl technique without sacrificing large quantities of soap making materials.

Tip: If making Cold Process Soap in this (or any) silicone mould we recommend adding Sodium Lactate Plus to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmoulding the soap.

Though the mould holds up to 1100g of soap when filled to the brim we recommend keeping your recipe to 1000g or less to allow space to swirl and add design to the surface.

This flexible silicone mould is suitable for Cold Processed Soap, and of course perfect for Melt & Pour Soap too!

Cavities: 1
Soap weight: approximately 1000g
Soap Size: approximately 15cm x 15cm x 4.7cm deep

See this page for usage and care instructions for this mould


Cavities: 1 - cuts into bars
Individual Bar Weight: Varies
Temperature: Up to 230°C
Manufacturer: Aussie Soap Supplies
Mould Material: Silicone
Mould Colour: Natural
Individual Bar Dimensions: Cut to desired size
Overall Capacity: 1100g
Overall Mould Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 4.7cm deep
Suitable For: Cold Processed and Melt & Pour Soap