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Goatsmilk Bath Tea - Kit Tutorial







45 mins


This kit contains our rich Goatsmilk Powder and Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) to nourish the skin and soothe tired muscles. Your kit has combinations of our most popular fragrances, which guarantee your Goatsmilk Bath Teas will smell delicious!

The secret to making successful dry Bath Tea Bags is Natrasorb Bath. Using this natural starch means you don’t *wet* the milk powder, thereby leading it to go sour. What Natrasorb does is allow you to mix the Fragrance or Essential Oils with it to make a “dry” fragrance. The other big bonus is that Natrasorb Bath is a water softener and makes the bath water feel silky and smooth!

There is enough Epsom Salt and Natrasorb Bath to make some extra bath soaks – there will be 300g Epsom Salt left over. Epsom Salts are excellent to use straight in the bath to relax tired, aching muscles, or you can see more recipes using Epsom Salts in our free Recipe Formulary HERE.

What you’ll need from your Kitchen:

  • 2 x mixing bowls or jugs
  • Melamine or stainless steel spoon for mixing and filling the tea bags

How much Fragrance to use: For each batch (which weighs just over 450g you can use up to 9g/ml (this is 2%). This is nearly all of the fragrance oil in the bottle. If using Essential Oils we recommend dropping this down to 5g/ml – half of the bottle. If you wish to pour out the oil, rather than drip, you can carefully ease out the dripolator insert with a bread and butter knife.

Instructions for making the Bath Tea Bags

You are making two batches - one batch of 10 bags for each fragrance.

Ingredients for each batch:

350g Epsom Salts
100g Goatsmilk Powder (1 packet)
2 tablespoons Natrasorb
Cocoa Butter (½ of the bag provided)
1 bottle Fragrance or Essential Oil

1. Refrigerate the Cocoa Butter for half an hour (You can use the freezer for 15 minutes but beware of condensation forming in the plastic bag after you remove it). Remove the bag of cocoa butter and place on the bench and give the little bag a few “whacks” with a wooden rolling pin or other heavy kitchen utensil. This will crush the butter into smaller pieces.

2. Spoon 2 tablespoons of Natrasorb Bath into a bowl with care; it’s very light and dry. Add some of the Fragrance or Essential Oil (we recommend adding half of the Fragrance or Essential Oil and sniff testing, then adding more if desired) to the Natrasorb and mix with a spoon or spatula until the mixture resembles soft breadcrumbs. The ‘powdered’ Fragrance or Essential Oils are now ready to mix with the other dry ingredients.

3. Combine the Epsom Salt, Goatsmilk Powder and one teaspoon of Cocoa Butter pieces, mixing well.

4. Now add the scented Natrasorb mixture to the salt and milk bowl. Stir well to combine the fragrance powder with the milk powder and salt mixture.

5. Spoon a heaped tablespoon of mixture into each bag. Pull the drawstring and tie off.

6. They are finished and ready for the bath or a foot soak.

7. Repeat for the second batch using the other fragrance.

Note: If you underfill the bags you will have some mixture left over – you can store this in a jar or tub and spoon directly into the bath, or a bowl for a foot soak.

To use: Turn on the taps and throw one or two tea bags into the bath tub. As the bath fills, the mixture will dissolve and mix through the water. If there is some salt left, swish through the water and then enjoy your bath!

Storage: Moisture is attracted to the Bath Milk Tea due to salt content, so it's best to store the finished bags in an airtight jar or container.