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Lip Balm Kit – Easy Argan Lip Treat




This Lip Balm Kit makes a versatile, luxurious Argan infused Lip Treat that's perfect for both summer and winter lips! Choose from our two pre-made lip balm bases, and add the nourishing qualities of Pure Oat Oil or Pure Rosehip Oil, Organic Argan Oil and Castorlene Gel (a Vegan, natural substitute for Vaseline or petroleum jelly). 

Pure Oat Oil is a unique blend of complex lipids, rich in ceramides and Vitamin E making it a fantastic ingredient for lip products. 

Organic Argan Oil has high levels of Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E, all of which are perfect for lip and skincare as they effectively penetrate and smoothe your lips.

Castorlene Gel gives the lip treat a softer consistency, bringing slip, shine and an improved skin feel.

You'll be able to fill the 5 Maxi Lip Balm Sticks and the 12 Aluminium Lip Balm Pots, depending on how much liquid oil is added (You have spare Argan and nourishing oil to adjust the hardness of the balm).

Included in this Kit:

Optional Add-On:

  • Lip Safe Mica Powder Colour

We've also prepared an online KIT TUTORIAL HERE!