Melt & Pour Soap - Trial Trio

Was: $42.70
Now: $38.00



Curious, or confused about which MP soap to buy?  This Melt and Pour Soap Trial Trio has 1 x 1kg each, of the most similar soaps from our three brands of Melt & Pour Bases:  SFIC, Stephenson and our new Stephenson Palm Free.  Save 10% on the 3 pack!  You can compare performance, craftability, lather and skin feel.

Save 10% when purchasing the Trial Trio Pack. ($4.70)

You'll receive:

1kg SFIC Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
1kg SPC (Stephenson) SLES & SLS FREE Melt and Pour Soap Base
1kg SPC RC Palm Free (previously called Neutral) Soap Base

If you are new to Melt & Pour soap making, you'll find loads of info and tutorials here in our Free Formulary