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Milk Bath Recipes








30 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

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Milk Bath Recipes

I adore milk baths and after all, Cleopatra can't have been that wrong??!

Milk Baths meet so many needs - they soothe the soul, satisfy the child in me (I feel like a kid again putting all sorts of fun things into the bathtub before hopping in) nourish the skin and are a wonderful time out.  I love having little flower petals float around and the delicious aroma that wafts up as I lie there luxuriating in the warm water delights the nose. Having a bath gives me a welcome "time out" from the world when its most needed.   Never forget, a foot bath is super relaxing too if your home doesn't have a bath tub!

You can package bath milks in so many ways, in Tubs, Bail Jars, Stand Up Pouches, Muslin & Cotton Bags, Bath Tea Bags and more!  Medium or Large Tub Tea Bags are perfect if you don't like "bits" of dried herbs and leaves sticking to your body when you step out of the bath.  

All our Tea Bags and Muslin Bags can be found on THIS page.

The main thing is to keep the bath milks dry if you are storing them for any period of time as bathrooms can be quite moist, so use a sealed zip lock bag or some lovely glass jars or bottles for display and storage.

The method is the same for all - and it's easy!

  • Set out ingredients and measuring cups
  • If using Natrasorb Bath, mix in the fragrance or essential oils until the mixture resembles bread crumbs - you now have dry fragrance
  • Combine with the milk powders (and oats if using)
  • Then add everything else and combine well!
  • Voila!  Store in airtight containers ready for use or use straight away.

TIP: If you want to combine mixing and storage containers, measure ingredients into a strong zip lock plastic bag and after mixing the ingredients in there you can store it ready for use.

If you dont grow your own herbs, you can use herbal tea mixes and even pre-made tea bags to add to your mixture.

Down on the Farm Milk Bath

Gentle & Soothing Oat & Milk Bath
(Great for Eczema prone skin and after too long in the sun)

Gentle Soothing Oat Milk Bath

We recommend infusing this into the bathwater in Heat Sealable Tea bags eliminate having any botanicals stick to the skin.

Tropic Hum Milk Bath

Tropic Hum Milk Bath


Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: Various
Time: 30 mins