Saffron Powder


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Saffron Powder is a colour that is processed from the dried stamens of the plant Crocus sativus. The plant material is very potent in colour, fragrant, and very expensive. This is not first grade Saffron and is therefore more economically priced for hand made soap making.

The intensity of the colour is dependent on the amount added.  We used one teaspoon of colour powder into 700g traced soap

To use:
  This colour can be stirred straight into Cold Process Soap, but best results are achieved by mixing powder into a paste or slurry with some distilled water.  Drip prepared colour straight into Cold Process Soap or Melt and Pour Soap.  Add Fragrance or Essential Oils after you have achieved the desired colour.  For Melt and Pour Soap hydrate in some glycerine or Isopropyl Alcohol.

Natural vegetable dyes tend to fade more quickly than synthetic dyes, so you may wish to take this into account when designing your storage and packaging materials.

Water Soluble powder

This product is packaged in a screw top vial or jar, except for 500g and over which are packed in pouches.

INCI: Crocus sativus
Ingredients: Crocus Sativus powder