SCI Powder




In Stock. This has replaced the SCI Granules that have been out of stock for so long.

SCI is our favourite surfactant - it's just so giving!  SCI provides loads of lather, and can be used to make liquid and solid bar cleansers and shampoos.  

Isethionates (the family to which SCI belongs) are considered to be exceptionally mild for skin, hair, and eyes (though not tear free).  They leave behind a great skin feel - usually described as "silky" - and create really great foam, bubbles and lather.

SCI Powder is an easy to handle, coconut derived, anionic, mild primary surfactant which creates a product with a dense and luxurious foam.  SCI can be used alone to make a cream or solid cleansing bar, or combined with other surfactants to make a creamy shampoo or body wash. SCI creates an elegant feel during use and a conditioned after feel in both hair and skincare formulations.

We recommend using a dust mask when handling the dry product.

We have written a Book on using Surfactants and getting starting making your own Natural Shampoos, Bubble Bubble Toil and Confusion

In a nutshell:

  • Made from natural, renewable coconut oil
  • Very mild to skin and eyes
  • Exhibits excellent foam and lather, performs well in hard water
  • Imparts a soft after-feel to skin or hair
  • Great for solid cleansing bars, thus avoiding SLS and SLeS
  • SCI creates an opaque and creamy product when used with other surfactants in winter, but in our hot summers this effect can disappear
  • Biodegradable
Palm Oil Free: Yes
INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate