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Under Eye Gelled Serum






8 - 10 pots (85g)


45 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

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This anhydrous gel uses Cera Bellina as a gellant and is rich in nutritative oils and additives. It sets up as a light gel, or a thick serum. We recommend you make it first, try it and if you want it more liquid, reduce the the Cera Bellina amount a little. I like to dab a little serum under my eyes at night, so this viscosity suits me perfectly.

We have packed it in our Baby Mushroom Jars but you can also use lip pots or other small jars and pots. As it is quite rich and you only need a tinsy amount per application small pots are the best containers.

I used a little Jasmine Absolute 3% in Jojoba or you may prefer Rose Absolute 3% in Jojoba, or indeed this formula can be left unscented.


Equipment you'll need:

1 Pyrex or microwave safe jug - 250ml size
Spoon to stir
Spatula etc
Small tray


  • Weigh the Cera Bellina into a microwave safe jug and heat until nearly liquid - the temperature will be approximately 63 - 73°C (this is the melt point of Cera Bellina)
  • Remove the jug from the microwave, and add the other liquid oils except Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin E and Jasmine Absolute
  • Re-heat in the microwave until the mixture has liquified again, then stir to combine 

Gelled Eye Serum with Cera Bellina

  • Check the temperature and when this drops to around 55 - 60°C add the Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin E and lastly the Jasmine Absolute
  • Stir to ensure the mixture is well combined
  • Now stir periodically until the mixture cools to approximately 45 - 50°C. You can see in the picture at this temperature it is beginning to solidify

Gelled Eye Serum with Cera Bellina

  • If it gets a little too thick as you are pouring, give it a few seconds in the microwave, stir and then you are ready to pour again
  • Place the pots onto a tray and put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, then remove and allow to return to room temperature before putting the seals and lids on the jars
  • You can of course test it immediately!

Notes:  Other oil soluble nutrients can be substituted for the Sea Buckthorn if desired.

Trolley items are retail sizes and there will be ingredients left over.
There is no extract or Essential Oil included, please add these separately.

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 8 - 10 pots (85g)
Time: 45 mins
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