Using Embed Column Moulds - SQ Tutorial and Hearts Loaf




Using Flexible Silicone Two Part Moulds


If you’ve ever wondered how to use 2-part embed silicone moulds, this Soap Queen TV Short is here to help!  Made of durable silicone, all our 2-part silicone moulds are great for creating soapy embeds. Simply secure the two ends pieces together , and place the molds into a container to position the molds upright. Then fill up the moulds, and trim the soap as necessary.   THe same instructions apply to our Silicone Column Mould.


Soap Queen Short on using Two Part Silicone Moulds

This SQ Rainbow Heart Melt and Pour Soap Project will make you smile with plenty of sparkle, color and hearts. Inspired by a previous Soap Queen tutorial of the same name, the design has been updated to include more hearts and color in each bar.

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