Book - Formulating with Cosmetic Clays




"Formulating with Cosmetic Clays"  is Jude's recent title and has Information on types and colours of clay, applications and formulas to get you started making your own clay masks and spa products.  This book is not intended to be a Professional Handbook, but a starting point for those wishing to understand and begin to make informed choices when selecting more economical spa masks than those ready-made products purchased in retail outlets. 

This book provides basic 'grass roots' information suitable for the beginner and the more experienced crafter.  We explain terms and techniques, and include over 39 tried and true formulas for all sorts of clay and spa treatments including soap.   Our techniques and formulas are designed to be made "in the kitchen" so that everyone can make their own skin care products.  If you operate a spa or aromatherapy business adding clay products to your line will complement it beautifully!

By making your spa treatments and skincare products, you can decide which ingredients you will include, and which you leave out!  We know this can feel a little daunting - but dive on in, you'll never regret it!

You can upgrade to include a Clay & Mineral Sampler Pack to go with this book and get started straight away.

Pages:  49
Spirax Bound