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VARISOFT® EQ 65 Formulation Tips

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Hair care products made with 2% Varisoft EQ 65 offer excellent rinse-ability, increased ease of styling, and increased gloss when compared to 2% Behentrimonium Chloride.  Additionally, these products exhibit increased hair volume, bounce, dry and wet feel along with dry and wet combing compared to 2% Cetrimonium Chloride. 

  • To avoid hydrolyzation (formula may break down) adjust pH to 4 to 4.5 with a 50% citric acid solution at the end of processing.
  • Heat Varisoft® EQ 65 in the oil phase of your formulas. If you use a double boiler method you may need to add some extra heat at the end to ensure the pastilles are fully melted.  This is not a problem in the microwave.  
  • Refer to the Technical Data Sheet to disperse in water at approximately 75°C. Addition of nonionic emulsifiers such as Ceteareth-25 improves the processability of VARISOFT® EQ 65 in water.
  • Varisoft EQ 65 contains cetearyl alcohol as a thickener (35%) and 65% active distearoylethyl dimonium chloride, but the addition of fatty alcohols such as Cetyl or Behenyl Alcohol can increase substantivity and conditioning as well as viscosity. Generally, add 0.5% fatty alcohol for every 1% Varisoft EQ 65
  • You will achieve optimal viscosity by mixing the product at 30°C or under for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • The addition of non-ionic emulsifiers such as Ceteareth 20 or Olivem800 improves the processability in water.
  • Preservatives and Fragrance or Essential Oils and other cool down ingredients can be added at 40°C with mixing, then allow the product to cool to room temperature.
  • Once at room temperature, mix for 30 seconds to one minute to obtain maximum viscosity.
  • In emulsions and conditioners with a small oil phase, Varisoft EQ 65 can be measured into the water phase and heated to 85°C along with any other heat tolerant oil or water soluble ingredients or dispersed into the water at 80 - 85°C. (This is the ‘one pot method’ that we use with BTMS.)
  • In emulsions and conditioners with a larger oil phase, Varisoft EQ 65 and other oil or silicone soluble ingredients may be heated at up to 85°C while heating the water phase to a similar temperature, before combining and mixing with high shear in a separate container, then combined with the water phase with high shear mixing.