We found it difficult to decide which section of the website to list GENADVANCE®  HYDRA in, so you will be finding it in several categories that may surprise you, and you need GENADVANCE®  HYDRA in your store cupboard!

This new natural hair moisturiser faces the challenge of damaged and dry hair, and in Australia, helps moisturise weather affected hair.  GENADVANCE®  HYDRA helps with damage caused by rubbing and brushing (mechanical manipulation), dryer and iron/straightener damage (heat), shampoo, perms, colourant and relaxer damage (chemicals) and UV, wind, salt and pollution effects (environmental and everyday element damage).

GENADVANCE®  HYDRA can flexibly replace conditioning ingredients in shampoo (polyquat, silicone), but it also helps improve conditioning properties of shampoos, especially on damaged hair when in combination with Polyquats.

Its primary ingredients are RSPO Palm Kernel Oil and Castor Oil as well as Rapeseed (canola).  Amazingly, it biodegrades within 10 days!

Suitable for:  Dry hair, aging hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair, normal hair, curly hair and baby hair.

  • 100% Naturally-derived
  • Cosmos and EcoTain™ approved
  • Biodegradable in 10 days
  • Hydrates hair
  • Super conditioning in silicone-free products
  • Easier combing and smooth after-feel
  • Suitable for use in products for children

Free from:  Petrochemicals, 100% renewable carbon, RSPO, plant derived materials
Ingredient Type: 
Natural moisturiser with conditioning effects for hair
Usage Range
:  0.5 - 5%
Activity:  98%
Organic Status:  Can be used in Organic Certified products - ECOCERT® and COSMOS approved.

Download the Clariant Brochure with full details HERE

INCI: Lauryl/Myristyl Polyrinicinoleate & Glycerin
Ingredients: Primary ingredients are RSPO Palm Kernel Oil and Castor Oil as well as Rapseed (canola)