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Insect Repellent Recipes and suggested Essential Oil Information

Infused Herbal Oil Insect Repellent


  1. Herbs are best picked early in the day, before the sun has a chance to deplete some of those wonderful oils from the leaves. Ensure they are sand and grub free, and place them somewhere inside until slightly wilted.
  2. Place the herbs into a crockpot
  3. Pour in enough olive oil to cover the herbs plus approximately 2cm more
  4. Turn Crockpot to low and leave to infuse for 2 - 3 hours, checking periodically as you may need to turn it off and then back on again to avoid overheating.  If you wish to strengthen the infusion, strain the oil from the herbs, and replace with fresh herbs and pour back the same olive oil and repeat the heating process
  5. If you don't have access to a Crockpot, you may prepare the infusion by packing a large sealable glass jar with the herbs, fill with olive oil and place on a sunny windowsill for a week or so. Gently shake the jar each day and after a week you may again remove the herbs and replace with fresh herbs and your once infused olive oil.
  6. I like to strain my infusions through cheesecloth or even pieces of terylene net curtain material. Place strainer over a clean bowl and line this with the cloth.  Empty the herbs and oil and let it drain through. Then draw together the edges and twist to squeeze out as much oil as possible.
  7. Measure the olive oil infusion to check the correct amount of essential oils to add 2.5% (50 drops per 100mls of infused oil) which is the Australian recommended usage rate. Then add the essential oils and combine well.
  8. I like to have this as a dab on form of bug repellent for around ankles and my head. If I want to protect my arms and legs, I use the spray or lotion.  Roller Bottles are great for this use and can be washed and re-used again and again

Treatment of Insect Bites or Stings

Some insect bites are acid, and others are alkaline.

Ants and Bees are acidic and relief can be gained by using Lavender Essential Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil in a compress. You may also like to try I teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in 1 tablespoon of water and add this to the essential oils in the compress.

Wasp bites are Alkaline. Cider Vinegar works well for wasp stings. Chamomile, Lavender Essential Oil and Tea-tree essentials oils - one drop of each in a dessertspoon of vinegar and dab onto the sting until pain and swelling subsides.

Lavender Essential Oil and Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil are great for insect bites.

If pushed, you can always just apply one drop only Lavender Essential Oil or Chamomile or Tea Tree (undiluted) to the bite. It can really help!  Apply directly to the bite every few hours for the first day. *Take care you only apply ONE Drop.

Other synergystic blends to try:

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  5 drops Citronella Essential Oil


10 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil
  4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
  5 drops Sweet Bay Essential Oil
  5 drops Lime Essential Oil


10 drops Citronella Essential Oil
  5 drops Geranium Essential Oil
  5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  5 drops Lemon or Lemongrass Essential Oil

All can be dispersed into any of the carriers listed above at the 2.5% rate (ie 25 drops in 50ml of carrier oil).

Insect Repelling Essential Oils include:

Basil, Bay Laurel, Cajuput, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Patchouli, Pennyroyal (*Use with great caution and strictly adhere to recommendations) Peppermint and Rosemary.

Flea Repellant Essential Oils:

Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Pennyroyal (**Use with great caution and strictly adhere to recommendations), Thyme, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

Citronella Insect Repellent Spray

Witch hazel is non-drying and can help to soothe insect bites and is a quick an easy carrier to use.


  • Fill a 100ml Spritzer bottle with Witch Hazel
  • Add Solubliser or Polysorbate 20
  • Add Citronella Essential Oil and seal then shake well
  • Label with the date, name and ingredients
  • Give the bottle a quick shake before each use and takecare not to spray in eyes or mouth.

Gel Recipes

The following formulas will help soothe inflammation, and also help relieve swelling, itching and lessen the discomfort

2 teaspoons Aloe Vera Gel
5 drops Rose Geranium Essential Oil


2 teaspoons Aloe Vera Gel
5 drops Lavender or Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Mix well and store in a Mini Mushroom Jar or Lip Pot. These are handy for camping and hiking, ready to dab on.