Colours for Bath Salts, Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars


Our liquid colours are concentrated, we recommend diluting in distilled water or glycerine for Bath Fizzies or Salts. This makes it easier to see the depth of colour and avoid over colouring the product.  You can purchase an empty Eye Dropper Bottles or Twist Top Dropper Bottles here.  Read How to Avoid Colour Bombing your Bath!

If you wish to use undiluted, we recommend beginning with 1 drop per tablespoon of dry product (Salts or Bath Bomb mixture). This is the amount used in each of the graphics pictured on each page.  TIP:  if you tend to over colour or like really dark coloured products add some Polysorbate 80 to your mixture of ingredients.  
This will help the colours disperse more efficiently when rinsing off.