Cream of Tartar




Our pure Cream of Tartar is used in food to stabilise and aerate, but in bath products, such as Solid Bubble Bath (bubble bars) to help produce and stabilise those fantastic bubbles!  This Cream of Tartar is also used to harden Bubble Bar or Bubble Wand recipes.

Bicarbonate of Soda and Cream of Tartar together are the ingredients in baking powder.  Baking powder creates aerated texture in baked goods.  In bath water, this releases carbon dioxide, creating the lightness of texture which is key in solid bubble bars.

We've created a tweaked version of Soap Queen's Solid Bubble Bar Tutorial so that Australians can reproduce these too!  David's Bubble Bar Tutorial is here together with SQ's Video and her formula.

You'll need to bulk out this pure Cream of Tarter with cornflour (cornstarch) when you use the SQ recipe, so do check both ingredient listings so you get the text just right. 

Country of Origin: Spain

INCI: Potassium bitartrate