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Design Tool Set




We are loving our new Design Tool Set for making Kaleidoscope Pull Through Cold Process Column Soaps!

The set contains six acrylic patterned discs and a stainless-steel shaft they attach to, secured by two nuts. This set up makes it easy to pull the patterning tool up through the soap in the Silicone Column Mould. There are countless variations of soap patterns you can make using different colours and design combinations. This set fits our Round Silicone Column Mould perfectly and we used the small funnel from our Silicone Funnel Set to help pour our soap mix when making our Kaleidoscope Pull Through Cold Process Soap!

You can search “Kaleidoscope Pull Through Cold Process Soap Technique” on YouTube for loads of videos made by the original designers of this tool idea.

Optional Add Ons: Add our Round Silicone Column Mould and our Silicone Funnel Set and SAVE on the bundle price!

Note: The discs come with a brown protectant film on either side; please be sure to peel the film off both sides before use.

Product Care: We recommend thorough hand washing with hot sudsy water to clean and preserve your tool set like new! 

When using cold process soap, we recommend either a 15% water discount, or adding 1 tsp Sodium Lactate per 500g of soap to your recipe for easier unmoulding.

Manufacturer: Aussie Soap Supplies
Colour: Acrylic Discs, Stainless Steel Rod
Colour: White Discs, Stainless Steel / Silver Rod
Dimensions: 7cm Diameter approximately
Suitable For: Cold Processed Soap in Column Mould