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Easy Argan Lip Treat - Lip Balm Kit Tutorial







30 mins



Now available in a pre-measured ingredient Kit - Easy Argan Lip Treat Lip Balm Kit

This pumped up Lip Balm uses our Nourishing Lip Balm that provides a perfect, grain-free firm base to load with luxury additives when a little extra care is needed.  I've pumped it up with Oat Oil (rich in Ceramides), Organic Argan Oil (high in Vitamin E) and Castorlene Gel (no petrochemicals) to tone down the hardness and provide extra soothing application.  As our base is quite firm it can take a good amount of additives and still perform well in tubes.


Oat Oil Lipid is a unique blend of complex lipids, and is the only refined natural oil that contains both the neutral and the polar lipids found in the skin itself.  For this reason, Oat Oil easily and rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving a non-greasy feeling.  Oat Oil is rich in ceramides and Vitamin E making it a fantastic ingredient for lip products as well as skin and hair care.  Oat Oil hydrates, smoothes and refines lips and its moisturising properties helps to prevent lips drying and cracking - it's got quite a lot of goodness packed into a small bundle!

Rosehip Oil offers excellent rejuvenating properties and is ideal for anti-ageing balms and inclusion in all skin care, including lip products. Rosehip Oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, both promote healthy skin and cell regeneration. As it is rich in linoleic and linolenic acids it is a very desirable inclusion in skin nutrition. Rosehip seed oil has been used successfully to treat many skin conditions.

Organic Argan Oil also has a high Vitamin E content and high levels of Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acids all of which are perfect for lip and skincare products as well as in hair products.  Argan Oil is also moisturising, effectively penetrates the skin and smoothes.

Gorgeous, Organic Argan Oil

Castorlene Gel is included as I wanted a slightly softer consistency for a winter balm, and this inclusion is also beneficial in lip products as it offers slip, shine and improved skin feel on application, so kinder for chapped lips.

This balm has been formulated for an Australian winter - if you are making it for Christmas or summer you'll need to tweak the soft ingredient additions to withstand more heat.  Also if posting the fiinished product in summer or intend carrying it the pocket of your workout gear you may want to stick to just lip pots.  The temperature has been around 20°C in my soap room during formulation and trials.

The quantity of pots and tubes you make may slightly depending on how full you fill them.  Maxi Tubes hold 10 - 11g each, and I fill my lip pots with 8 - 10g.  I fill by eye, but if you need exact net quantity for labelling, you can easily check your weights on digital scales. This formula can be halved to make two smaller batches.  

What you need:

  • Pipettes
  • 1 stirring stick or spoon
  • Thermometer is handy, but not essential

    *Note the graphics show our previous lip pots which were destroyed in the fire in 2020, so these have been replaced with 10ml Aluminium Lip Pots as shown below.

Tip:  If using flavour and sweetener makes taste testing really important!  I use the “toffee” method, ie a cold metal spoon or bowl (a bowl in this tutorial).  Drip one or two drops of lip balm onto the cold spoon or dish, check it’s cool to touch, and then have a taste and also apply some to your lips.  You’ll know if you prefer a little more flavour and sweetener and adjust to your preference.

Use the Kit Instructions for full measuring information.

Argan and Oat Winter Lip Treat


  • Roughly chop the lip balm and place in the Pyrex jug.
  • Microwave on medium/high for a few minutes, checking periodically - take care not to overheat it.  (If you have a thermometer I like to melt to 75°C and pour at 70 - 65°C or just below).
  • While this melts unlid the lip pots and tubes ready to fill.  Stand the unlidded Maxi Lip Tubes in a low bowl or use an elastic band to keep them stable during filling.
  • Once you see there is only a small piece of balm floating in the liquid, remove from the heat and gently stir until this melts
  • Now add the Castorlene, Argan and Oat Oil and stir - this will bring the temperature down and then it's ready to pour if you are not flavouring it.
  • If you are adding sweetener and flavour add this now and stir to combine.

Argan and Oat Winter Lip Treat

  • If the balm is cooling and begins setting up, just give it a gentle re-melt in the microwave for 20 seconds or so.

Argan and Oat Winter Lip Treat

  • Pour time!  Carefully pour directly into the lip pots.  I like mine filled just shy of the rim.  

Argan and Oat Winter Lip Treat

  • Allow to set up, put on the lids, label or bag, and you are done!


Now available in a pre-measured ingredient Kit - Easy Argan Lip Treat Lip Balm Kit