Isopropyl Alcohol & Spritz Bottle Set




If you are a soapmaker, you'll need this duo!  Soapers use this Isopropyl alcohol for both Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soap.  It helps prevent soda ash on Cold Process Soap and is used for nearly all Melt & Pour Soap to enable layers to "stick" and for removing surface bubbles.  Lotion makers also use it to help sanitise work surfaces and equipment.

You can of course purchase these separately, we sell Isopropyl Alcohol up to 1 Litre, on this page, and various size Spritz top Bostons here.   You can add both items to your cart with one click

This set is offered in two size options: 

100ml Isopropyl Alcohol and 55ml Blue Boston Spritz Bottle
200ml Isopropyl Alcohol and 100ml Blue Boston Spritz Bottle