Natural Baby Powder








15 mins

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Our Baby Powder recipe avoids the use of Talc, which many people now like to avoid, particularly on little ones.  This recipe uses Arrowroot Powder, but if you would like an ultra-fine powder, substitute with Dry Flo for a smooth as silk feel.

You'll Need

100g finely ground Arrowroot Powder (from the supermarket or whole foods store)

1 tablespoon Natrasorb Bath
3 - 5 drops Lavender, English Essential Oil
3 - 5 drops Baby Powder Fragrance
2 x Powder Shakers


  • Combine Lavender or Baby Powder fragrance and Natrasorb Bath together in a ceramic or pyrex jug (or other vessel you use for bath and body products) and mix until the oil is well combined with no lumps or clumping
  • Then add the ground Arrowroot Powder pressing out any lumps with the back of the mixing spoon
  • Place mixture into powder shakers, label and allow to sit for a day before use

NOTE:  We recommend using with caution on infants under 3 months, and if in doubt, just leave out the Essential Oil or Fragrance entirely. Unscented powder is perfectly fine!

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 2
Time: 15 mins