Oliv-Emulse Hair Masque








1 hour

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This formulation is quite simple - it utilises our luscious Oliv-Emulse, Hydrolyzed Oats and Conditioning Emulsifier.

This is an thick yet light hair masque, which can have more ingredients included if you require them for your hair type.  Try this first, and then see if you want to include some extra Herbal Exracts or other goodies.  Oliv-Emulse is hypo-allergenic and suits those with very sensitive skin.

If you wish to avoid Oat or Wheat Proteins, just sub in the same percentage of dl Panthenol or other Herbal Extracts

Phase A

Phase B


I break the rules with this method as I use the "one pot method" and I encourage the emulsion to form by using the stick blender.  Of course, you can break this into three phases if you prefer.
Adjust fragrance up by 3g to 1% if you prefer a stronger scent
If using another preservative, change the percentage to the amount in range of that preservation system
There is also an extra 1% allowance for extracts of your choice - this will make the total 100%


  • Combine the Phase A ingredients and heat to 75°C whilst stirring.
  • Remove from heat and add protein and any herbal extracts you are using.
  • When homogenous take off the heat and stir periodically while cooling.  A stick blender works well for this formula as it needs a little coaxing during cool down.
  • Add the required percentage of preservative for the brand you are using at the recommended temperature (which is generally 0.5 - 1% added at around 40°C) mix well to combine.
  • Lastly, add any essential oils or fragrance that you wish to, mixing well to combine.
  • Once completely cool, pot up.

Though this formulation can be dispensed in a Tottle Tube, I find it best in a jar with a Cosmetic Spatula

Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 600g
Time: 1 hour