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Pink Berry Lemonade Melt & Pour Soap Recipe




Experienced Beginner


1 - 2 hours


10 + bars


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

I had envisioned two versions of what I wanted to create for my Pink Berry Lemonade Soaps, so instead of making that big decision – which design to choose – I made one batch of each design. You can make either or both! When you get to the “add to trolley” items, you’ll find both moulds and Lemon Zest Glitter in there! You can then choose to purchase both, or edit the basket and just make one style.

The two designs are totally different, but both are do-able by the novice or intermediate experience level soaper. Style One is a simple two layer soap with Lemon Zest Glitter on the top to represent real lemon zest (except it won’t go brown or mouldy as the soap ages). The second is a basic two jug “in the mould sunrise soap” type of pour. If you aren’t sure you can manage this, you can pour one colour, and then the other – both instructions are below.

What you need for both styles (or 10 soaps - you only need to add an extra kilo of soap to make another 10 bars totalling 20 soaps):


  • 2 x 750ml microwave safe jugs
  • Covering for the jugs between pours (cardboard is fine)
  • Small glass beaker or jar for the scent blend
  • Spatulas, spoons or stirring sticks
  • Digital Scales - Helpful but optional
  • Spare tray or baking tray to place the moulds on
  • Thermometer - helpful, though optional
  • Pipette or dropper for fragrance
  • Isopropyl Alcohol and Spritz Bottle - required if layering two colours

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

Overview – you are making two different batches – we melt all the soap at once and then reheat as necessary for the second mould:

Batch One:

6 x Pink Berry Lemonade with Lemon Zest Soaps -  2 layer soaps with Lemon Zest topping

Budget Wise Flex Mould - 6 Rounded Rectangle = 95g soap for each cavity: 
270g for base layer (6 x 45g) – white soap coloured pink with Carmine Liquid Dispersion
300g for top layer (6 x 50g) – white coloured creamy yellow with Yellow Liquid DIspersion
Total of 570g soap base
Just over half of the scent blend (you can take this higher if you prefer a stronger fragrance)

Batch Two:

4 x Pink Berry Lemonade Sunrise Pour technique soaps or  ITJ Swirl technique
These four soaps use the remainder of the soap from Batch One, re-melted and poured using a different technique.

Budget Wise Flex Mould – 4 Shapes, Rounded = 110g for each cavity:
240g of leftover pink colour soap  (4 x 60g)
200g of leftover yellow colour soap – (4 x 50)
Just under half of the scent blend (you can take this higher if you prefer a strong fragrance)


Dice all the soap and divide into the two jugs – 510g into one jug, and 490g into the other
Measure and mix the fragrance blend in a small glass beaker or jar

Method (Batch One):

This first batch uses the 6 Rounded Rectangle Mould and some glitter (if using glitter).
Place the soap ijn the two jugs, cover and place in the microwave and melt in short bursts until the soap is liquid.
Take care not to overheat the soap – if it overheats it will affect the fragrance and essential oils and make your soap more prone to sweating.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

Add the fragrance quantity (as above) and stir well to combine.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

Colour the melted soap in the jug with colourant – this one is Carmine, until you have a nice pink tone (I used approximately 7 drops).
If you wish to have exact measurements in the layered pour you’ll need the scales. Place the tray on the scales and tare to zero.
Pour 45g of pink coloured soap into each of the six cavities and then give a quick spritz with alcohol to remove any surface bubbles.
Now melt the second jug and colour yellow, stir as previously, and then add the fragrance (as above) and stir well.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

Check the pink layer of soap is firm to the touch and then spray with Isopropyl Alcohol.
Now it’s time to pour the yellow layer - take the spoon and pour the soap into the cavities over the
back of the spoon to ensure it doesn’t break through the half set soap in the mould.
Then give a quick spray with Isopropyl Alcohol again.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

Straight after this, give a light sprinkling of glitter and it can be set aside whilst you make the second batch.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps 

Method (Batch Two):

Place the second mould onto the tray on the work bench.
Place the jugs into the microwave and cover, and re-melt.
Give the soap a quick spritz of alcohol if there are any surface bubbles after re-melting.

If you are confident you can do the sunrise technique:

Take a jug in each hand, and then pour both jugs simultaneously into the first mould cavity.
It is best to do this slowly to gain the most benefit from the swirling technique. 
Move from cavity to cavity until you have used all the soap.
Spritz with alcohol again and it’s done!


If you don’t feel confident to do this, not to worry, you can swirl in the jug (which actually involves no swirling!)

Place the second mould onto the tray on the work bench.
Place the jugs into the microwave and cover, and re-melt.
Give the soap a quick spritz of alcohol if there are any surface bubbles after re-melting.
Now to combine!

Carefully pour the soap in one jug into the other jug - DO NOT STIR! 
Give the soap another quick spritz of alcohol if there are any surface bubbles.
Now close to the mould, pour carefully into each of the four cavities.
You will notice the soap will swirl itself as you pour – then you are done!
If you feel you want a little more pattern, just use one or two tweaks in the liquid soap to make more pattern –
if you overdo it, or pour too hot it will end up one colour!
Give the soap a quick spritz of alcohol if there are any surface bubbles and allow to set up.

 Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps

If you prefer rounded corners on your soaps, below is the economical tool I’ve been using for over 15 years.

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps 

When set up, peel away the moulds and wrap as usual

Pink Berry Lemonade Butter Soaps




Difficulty: Experienced Beginner
Time: 1 - 2 hours
Yields: 10 + bars
sale: No
save: No