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Clay - Mediterranean Sea




This grey clay is ideal for facial masks, body mud masks and spa soaps.  This clay acts as a mild exfoliant and is thought to have many detoxifying and cellulite reducing properties and has a high mineral content.

Sea Clay works wonderfully as a mask, body wrap, hair wrap and to colour soap. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with other clays.   This clay is cosmetic grade for use on the skin, it is washed and cleaned without the use of chemicals.

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Suggested Product Usage Rates:

Spa use: Facial, Body and Capillary masks - In combination with other powders within a formula - between 10 and 30%
Spa use: Facial and Body Muds - In combination with other powders within a formula - between 5 and 25%
Spa use: Facial and Body Cleansers, gel-masks, creams and serums
Hair Care:  Masks and special shampoo
Suitable for make up applications
Liquid Soaps and Shampoo:  2 - 10%
Soap Spa Bars for deep cleansing:  5 - 20%

To use in Regular Soap Bars as Colourant:

Cold Processed Soap:  1 dessertspoon to 1 tablespoon per kilo of soap (swirling will use less).  Mix into a slurry with either water or thinly traced soap before adding to soap prior to Fragrance or Essential Oils.

Melt & Pour Soap:  1 teaspoon per 500g of soap base (all types).  Mix the clay to a slurry or paste with some water, Palm Free Glycerine or Sodium Lactate Plus and gently stir into the melted soap.

You'll see recipes for Masks and Treatments in our Recipe Formulary

Country of Origin: Mediterranean coasts

If you have never used a facial clay mask before, we recommend a small test before continuing with full treatments.

Note 2021:  
This clay is mined in a completely different region and has a different INCI to our previous sea clay.  Please check the mineral content table below to ensure this is a suitable substitute for your application.

  SiO2     58.76%  ±5%
  Al2O3  18.78%  ±5%
  Fe2O3    8.74%  ±5%
  CaO       1.10%  ±5%
 .MgO        2.93%  ±5%


INCI: Illite