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Soap Loaf and Log Cutter Guide, Wooden




Suits our Heavy Duty Cutter Blade and Crinkle Cutter Blade with Customised higher profile sides.

Say Hello to our customised 'Swiss Army Knife of a Soap Cutter Guide'! 

Our hand crafted, wooden cutter guide allows both our Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Cutter Blade and Stainless Steel Crinkle Cutter Blade to slide snugly down slicing your soap logs and loaves into uniform, professional looking bars.  It is also supplied with a nylon line if you prefer to use a flexible cutter line if you want to cut fresh Cold Process Soap.  The runway area is marked with guide lines and also features an adjustable stop.

And two bonus features!  Our new Cutter Guide even has a built in bubble level and a soap planer blade fitted into the base.  The base clearance is adjusted with non slip pads on to ensure ithe blade is clear of the bench top and so that it doesnt slip during cutting.  The Soap Planer blade can be used to trim bars, level them, trim the edges so they aren't too sharp as the soap ages.  You can also use the planer to cut embeds, soap curls and decorative spirals. 

  • This cutter takes up to a 2kg log of soap, both Melt & Pour and Cold Processed Soap. 
  • For tall or textured top bars, lay the soap on its side to cut.  This is also a good option to avoid drag marks in your soap if you have included exfoliants in the soap.
  • Internal width takes a log up to 9.8cm in diameter - sides of the guide measure 5.7cm high.  Alternatively, you can flip the log on its side if its wider than this and slice on its side.
  • Soap Leveller
  • Soap planer and beveller

To use:  To ensure neat vertical soap slices, stand over the top of the guide as you expert pressure on the blade to avoid any sloped bars.  Soap should be as fresh as possible, the harder the bar, the more pressure required to cut soap.  We recommend Melt and Pour Soap is cut immediately on unmoulding.

Dimensions for all component options:

Soap Multi-Function Cutter Guide 
(includes soft soap line cutter)
Overall Dimensions: 26.5cm long x 10.3cm wide (Internal) x 9.3cm high (External) and 7.4cm (Internal Height)

Straight Stainless Steel Soap Cutter Blade
Dimensions: 15cm wide x 7.5 - 11.5cm high

Crinkle Stainless Steel Soap Cutter Blade

Dimensions: 18.5cm wide x 14.4cm high