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Soapy Oat Bags - Melt & Pour Soap Kit Tutorial





Soothe and Nourish your whole body!

If you want to get back to basics, there is nothing like the benefits of natural oats and Goatsmilk when you want to pamper and soothe your skin.  By combining these in a Cotton Muslin Bag, you can gently wash and soothe your skin.

Whether in the bath or shower, application is simple!  Gently pat the skin, slightly squeezing the bag, to release a gentle milky wash of Goatsmilk Soap and Oat “juice” (basically infused oats and Goatsmilk soapy water). Although these bags can be used at any time, they are not designed for rushed use as they are for a more relaxed and pampering bath time ritual, or if your skin (and mind) needs a soothing soak.

There are enough ingredients to make two batches of Soapy Oats so we have included a gorgeous Weck's Glass Storage Jar with this kit. 
Full instructions come with the kit - this pictorial tute is in addition to the printed instructions with the Kit.

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Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial

Step One - Dice the soap.
Melt the soap and add the Essential Oil and allow to set up completely. 
You can go and have a coffee, or leave overnight if preferred.

Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial

Step Two:  Unmould the soap.
Grate the soap.

Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial

Step Three:  As you are making two batches, add half the oats and the scented, grated soap to a bowl.

Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial

Step Four:  Mix the soap and oats together.

Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial

Step Five:  Half fill the bags ready to use in the bath or shower.

Soapy Oat Bags Kit - Tutorial


Repeat for the second batch of soap and oats.