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Stephenson MP Tutorial Videos

This page contains a selection of Stephenson Personal Care's Info-videos and tutorials


Solid Formats : The Options
How To Use Solid Conditioner
How to Make Goat's Milk Coffee Scrub Soap
How to make Marbled Spiced Fig Loaf Soap (Autumn Fig Harvest Fragrance is perfect for this loaf!)
Solid Shampoo Recipe and Tutorial 
 In-Cosmetics 2018  - Short seminar on natural ingredients
Donkey Milk and Calendula Mini Tutorial
How to make a 'soap-cake' | 1 minute tutorial 
 In-Cosmetics 2017 Seminar presented by James Clews & Carmen Martinez Lerga -
"Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Surfactants in Personal Care"
Share the love with this recipe for an embedded hearts soap! This soap makes a great gift for loved ones. 
The slightly more complex recipe requires some understanding of soap layering and embeds.  
The full Tutorial is on Stephenson's Blog
Our growing portfolio of personal care ingredients currently includes a range of sustainable emulsifiers
- DUROSOFT® - which use naturally derived polyglycerol esters to produce ingredients for creams,
lotions and foaming oil based formulations offering specific value to producers of cold process
products and sustainable raw material claims. What makes DUROSOFT® unique is the patent-pending
technology which provides the widest HLB range of 4-14 for a greater stability profile.
Introducing Crystal Jelly Melt & Pour Soa

Crystal OPC (Foaming Bath Butter) is a unique and innovative product base, designed for whipping Crystal OPC is an 
incredibly flexible product. Create simple whipped foaming bath butters, a sugar scrub, a body soufflè, or a salt scrub, all from one product base. 

 How to create your own Honey Swirl Soaps.
(if you don't have Crystal Honey you can add 1 tablespoon fresh honey to your regular 1kg batch.)
How to make a Citrus Blended Melt and Pour Soap
English Rose Foaming Bath Butter Recipe  Feeling the love? Have a floral fling with this foaming bath butter
scrub with pink clay, scented with English Rose Essential Oil.  
If you’ve heard of palm oil you’ve probably heard about its negative impact on the environment and wildlife,
particularly in 
parts of Asia, due to unethical and unsustainable practices. But it doesn’t have to be
this way anymore.  Did you know there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ palm oil?
Your very first Melt and Pour Soap Video 




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