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Xanthan Gum Powder


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Xanthan Gum is a sugar based, natural thickener and gellant which can be used in emulsions and surfactant systems (lotions and shampoo).  Xanthan Gum is a natural gum polysaccharide which is produced by fermentation of sugar by Xanthomonas campestris.  Suitable for use in cosmetics as a thickener (rheology modifier) and gellant, it is also used in food preparations as a stabiliser, thickener or emulsifier.  This results in the powder which readily swells in water thus thickening and enhancing stability when small amounts are used in the formulation.

Xanthan will not emulsify ingredients - rather it will help to stabilise the formulation.  So in an emulsion, a very small amount of Xanthan Gum helps to stabilise the emulsion and keep the individual ingredients from separating.  Because it creates a gel, this imparts smoothness and glide.

Very little Xanthan Gum is required to produce a large increase in the viscosity (thickness) of a liquid.  As little as 0.1% can be used, but mostly 1.0% will produced the desired thickness.  Xanthan Gum is suitable for use in many naturally based products such as creams and lotions, liquid soaps, body wash, shower gels and shampoos. Always hydrate prior to adding to product.  It's inclusion does not effect foam in surfactant formulations.

For successful processing:

  • Hydrate in room temperature distilled water for approximately 15 minutes
  • we suggest that you add the Xanthan Gum to a vortex using a stick blender (high shear method mixing)
  • Now warm the water to approx 40° C
  • Return to high shear mixing

Over dosing will result in a slimy or stringy mixture.  To avoid this begin at the lowest percentage and increase in 0.1% increments

Typical Usage Rate:  0.1 - 2%
Solubility:  Soluble in water, insoluble in oil
pH:  6.0 - 8.0
In some formulations, sodium chloride (NaCL, salt) can be used to increase viscosity and make it less sensitive to temperature change

INCI: Xanthan Gum