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Butterfly Apricot Mango Bath Melts DIY








45 mins


Products you need to make this recipe

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Apricot Mango Bath Melts

Bath Melts are a blend of mainly butters, a little liquid oil and a little wax to form a solid product that is designed to melt in a warm to hot bath.

Bath Melts are the perfect gift – the giftee doesn’t need a big bath, a foot soak can be very relaxing in ‘shower only’ bathrooms!  Bath Melts begin to melt just from physical contact with the skin, so the less handling the better.   I like my Bath Melts to set up quickly, so you can use the refrigerator or freezer (but don’t let them freeze).

You can really have fun and get creative with the packaging for Bath Melts.  Use everything from Soy Tart Melt Clamshells, guest soap moulds to making them in silicone chocolate type designs and then pack as you would other bath and body products.  You will often see these Cocoa Butter rich products packaged in chocolate packaging for presentation, and they are also suitable to be decorated with dried petals and botanicals too. 

I have made these in our single cavity Butterfly Silicone Moulds, but I only half fill (as you can see from the picture below - it's a fine line between a moisturising bath and an oil slick, and of course it's essential to take care when stepping in and out of the bath if you have any oil in the water.

This project is from our Natural Skin Care Using Nourishing Oils Book.  

This makes 240g, so if half pouring into the Butterfly Moulds, set them up in the fridge, and then gently re-warm the mixture for the second pour.



Spoon or spatula to stir
Small Pyrex or microwave safe jug
Board or baking tray
Thermometer not necessary but may be helpful

Apricot Mango Bath Melts

If using these moulds, I like to pour half way (as per the main picture) but you can use any mould you prefer as long as they aren't too large.


  • Weigh the White Beeswax into the Pyrex jug and heat in the microwave until nearly all the wax is liquid – do not overheat or allow to boil.
  • Remove and stir, then add the Apricot Oil and Mango Butter and gently reheat until liquid again, but not too hot.
  • Stir to combine and allow to cool a little (I pour mine at around 50 – 60°C - this is just when there is a film setting up on the walls of the jug.
  • If you are chilling in the refrigerator place the moulds on a small board or tray.
  • Now the temperature is lower, add the fragrance or Essential Oils and stir well.
  • Carefully pour into the moulds and allow to set up.
  • Unmould and store or package.

 If using the trolley:  Only one mould is included - please amend in your trolley, and Apricot Freesia Artisan Fragrance is included.



Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 240g
Time: 45 mins
save: No
sale: No