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Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt & Pour Soap Recipe






9 - 27 bars


1 1/2 hours


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

It's nearly that time again, Easter, but this tutorial is a calorie-free treat! Our Melt & Pour Soap Choc Fudge Squares smell just as delicious as the real thing, but don't go to your hips! Kids love them, everyone loves them and these are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced soapers.

Make any chocolately colour combination, and remember if you choose a white base you will have pale pastel coloured soap bars. Clear soaps make for the most realistic chocolate! We used our Chocolate Fragrance, or you could use Turkish Moccachino Fragrance !

We've originally used our Silicone 9 Cavity Cube Mould - while this is unavailable, we suggest using Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Square Deep instead (or any large, chunky silicone ice cube mould) - we have amended the trolley items for this item and the Colour Block.  It is plenty deep enough for this style of soap. The ingredients listed below will make plain dark brown chocolate fudge squares, if you want to make all three colours, you'll find the other ingredients listed at the end of the ingredients as options, but divide the total Melt & Pour Base by three if you are making 3 squares of each as shown.

To make 9 soaps in the Cube Mould of one dark chocolate with white drizzle, you'll need:

*Substitute some Black Colour Block shavings where instructions call for Black Liquid Dispersion.

For the three tone soaps you'll also need:

Hot Cocoa, Dark Rich Chocolate Bramble Berry Fragrances


Stirring spoons or spatulas
1 microwave safe jug - needs to hold 750ml
A Thermometer is useful, but not essential
Small microwave container for the drizzle soap
Pipettes (with the tip cut off) to drizzle the soap over the top

Method for 9 x 100g Soaps - don't forget to adjust quantities if you are making 3 x 3 sets of bars:

  • Set out the ingredients, equipment and mould, ready to go (these instructions are for one colour, but you can see the graphic with the white just in case!
  • Dice the soap base into small ice cube sized chunks, weigh into the jug and place in the microwave.

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • Melt on medium in short bursts. This will take a few minutes depending on the microwave, so do keep an eye on it so it doesn't overheat.
  • Remove the nearly liquid Melt & Pour Soap from the microwave, and use sufficient Liquid Brown Oxide Colour to achieve a good depth. To make the Dark Chocolate, add a few small shavings of Black Colour Block, and stir well through the soap. You may need a little more or less colour to achieve your perfect chocolate colour.
  • Now add 8 - 15g/ml of fragrance, chocolates are quite strong, so be guided by your nose!
  • Add the same quantity of Vanilla Colour Stabiliser - if you leave this out, the chocolate fragrance discolouration will move upwards into the white drizzle.
  • Carefully pour into the mould until just under half full (the soap should not be hotter than 60°C). I pour all the cavities and then go back and ensure they are all even with a quick top up before a skin forms on the top.
  • Spritz with alcohol to remove any residual bubbles and allow to set up
  • If you are pouring one set of 9 cubes of the same colour you are done! (For drizzle instructions see below).

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • If making three different colours, now heat the heat the soap for the next colour.
  • I colour the chocolates by eye, so when you achieve the milk chocolate colour you like, pour the soap!

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • If making White Chocolate and Raspberry Soaps, make these now, to make the White Chocolate, you can use Cocoa Butter Base to keep with the theme, though Goats Milk base also gives that nice White Chocolate appearance.
  • Allow several hours to set up completely.

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • Now unmould your soaps - it's time to drizzle!

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • You only need about 20 - 30g of soap for the drizzle. Use the same colouring techniques as previously. I used Merlot Mica and Carmine for my raspberry, Liquid Brown Oxide and a tiny touch of Black for the Dark Chocolate drizzle and the white is white base with Vanilla Colour Stabiliser in it to stop the discolouration upwards from the chocolate soap.
  • Cut the tip from the Pipette to make a nice nozzle for the drizzle.
  • To make Milk Chocolate, I use about 20g of White Soap Base added to the 280g Clear Base to give that creamy milk chocolate appearance. Don't add any black colour though!
  • Melt the soap - this will only take 10 - 20 seconds usually - do not let it overheat or boil or your soaps will sweat!
  • Fill the pipette, and drizzle the liquid soap in a contrasting colour quickly over the bars as pictured.

Chocolate Fudge Squares Melt and Pour Soap

  • Once set wrap and label "Do not eat, this is soap!"

Chocolate Fudge Melt & Pour Soap Squares 

Note:   If you are using "add to trolley" there will be sufficient soap and ingredients to make 27 soaps and more - add your preferred fragrance separately.

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 9 - 27 bars
Time: 1 1/2 hours
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sale: No