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Smooth, luscious and ready to be whipped, melted and soaped!  Our high-quality emollient products can be added to lotions and balms to give you a moisturising product that leaves skin hydrated and supple.

Here at Aussie Soap Supplies, we offer a range of different butter products for you to try and fall in love with!

Organic Shea Butter

This luxury butter offers many benefits, including moisturisation. Its smooth and luxurious texture allows it to be added to beauty products such as soaps, creams and lotions. Also, because of its nourishing qualities, it can be used in lip balms as well. In addition, your hair will also benefit from the hydration and moisture that this butter provides, leaving you with glossy and shiny locks. Shea butter also offers anti-aging properties and protects skin against the ravaging effects of harsh weather. No chemicals are used when processing our shea butter, making it an all-natural and organic product that can be used directly on the skin for a velvety smooth result.

Shea Butter Oil

Our Shea Butter Oil has been processed without chemicals, making it suitable for all skin types and ages. It has an almost undetectable fragrance and can be incorporated into both hair and skin products for added moisture and hydration. However, it can also be applied directly onto the skin as it is completely natural and is also non-greasy, even though it is an oil. In addition, Shea Butter Oil also has restorative properties, and it actually protects skin from environmental damage.

Mango butter

If you’re looking for a luxuriant and exotic butter, then this is definitely the butter for you. Our Mango Butter is of the highest quality. Like our other butters, it also softens and nourishes skin. However, it offers so much more in that it has high levels of antioxidants, which provide a host of health benefits, while leaving your skin rejuvenated. It can be incorporated into a variety of products such as lotions and balms but is safe and non-greasy enough to use on its own directly on skin. Its moisturising effects makes it suitable for haircare products as well.

Cocoa butter

Chocolate definitely isn’t all that cocoa is good for! Made from antioxidant-rich cocoa beans, this butter actually retains some of these beneficial molecules during the extraction process, some of which provide anti-aging benefits. So, not only will it leave you skin moisturised, is it beneficial for your health too. Because of these hydration properties, cocoa butter is a fantastic addition to both skin and haircare products. It can also be used in soaps and bath products to leave your skin feeling supple and smooth. Our natural cocoa butter is safe enough to use directly on skin.

If you’re serious about enjoying the benefits that this natural product has to offer, then we can help with our 15kg bulk cocoa butter packs. This product has a shelf life of between two and five years, which means that if you’re using it for purely personal use, it will last for quite a while as a little goes a long and luxurious way. This is especially true if you’re planning on mixing it with existing products as you’ll then be using even less. Perhaps you hope to start your own all-natural wellness and beauty line. This could be the perfect starter pack for you! In addition, unlike some of its emollient counterparts, cocoa butter retains its firmness even in warm temperatures, so there’s no danger of you having a 15kg cocoa butter puddle anytime soon!

If you’re ready for your skin and hair to benefit from all that nature has to offer, then buy our butter online now!