Luxurious Jojoba Butter Balm




Luxurious Jojoba Butter Balm

This is an all oil (anhydrous) buttery balm, with the addition of Dry Flo or Dri Silc powder, which helps it feel less greasy on the skin.  It's great for winter, but if using in summer, store in a cool place like all all non-emulsion formulas or it will melt back to oil if left in a hot car!

The secret to fluffiness vs buttery balm is the temperature at which you whip the butter.  The cooler the mixture the more white and fluffy the butter balm will be, for a less fluffy, more golden coloured balm have it a little warmer.


I use our Lip Jars for small on-the-move pots, and for gifts I use our Bail or Kilner Jars or  100ml Wide Neck Tubs.


  • Weigh all ingredients except the Jojoba, Dry Flo and Essential Oil and/or Fragrance into a 500ml - 750ml Pyrex Jug (or other microwavable jug).
  • Melt on High or Medium High for 1 - 3 minutes - this depends on the power of the microwave. Only heat until the Cocoa Butter is completely melted.
  • Measure the Jojoba into a small cup or mug and add the Dry Flo AF or Dri Silc and carefully mix until you have a slurry type mixture with no lumps.
  • Pour this into the Butters mixture and hand stir until well combined.
  • Now stir intermittently so that the mixture cools down. When you add the cool liquid oil you will see some clouding (setting) in the base of the jug.
  • Now add Fragrance or Essential Oils and stir well to combine.
  • I use a hand whisk or one electric beater (balloon type not stick blender) just to give a little lightness to the mixture and then pour into the containers
  • Allow to set completely and then label and screw on the lids.

NOTE:  There are no jars or packaging or fragrance in the trolley items, please add these separately.



Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 300g
Time: 1 hour