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Shower Steamer Tablets






10 fizzies


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

Our Shower Steamer Tablets are easy to make and do the job!  You can purchase a Pure Esential Oil Blend on this page, or you might like to look at the suggestions below.  Note the trolley does not contain essential oils; you'll need to select and add those separately.  We used our Disc Mould Packs for our Shower Steamers, and this means you can re-use the moulds over and over again.

If you find you want to use a liquid to help 'bind' the powders together, and to help the Essential Oils mix more easily,  Polysorbate 80(15g) is a good choice becasue it won't make the shower floor slippery.  However, these tablets will not be Palm Free if you include this.  The other option is to add a fixed oil, such as Grape Seed or Rice Bran Oil - oils have a major drawback and that is that the floor of the shower will become quite slippery.  If using the oils do take extra care in the shower!



  • A large mixing bowl or jug
  • Sieve, helpful but optional
  • Spatulas, spoons etc
  • Disposable gloves for hand mixing
  • Spritz Bottle with distilled water, spring water or witchazel
  • 1 dropper or Disposable Pipette

Shower Steamer Tablets Ingredients 


  • Sift or sieve the Citric Acid and Bicarbonate of Soda into a bowl and stir thoroughly
  • Add the essential oils a few drips at a time to avoid setting off the fizzies, mix in well with your hands or a spoon
  • Next start to moisten the batch by spritzing with water or Witch Hazel.  Mix with your hands (gloves on!)  – about 4 “spritzes” at a time.  Don't use too much spray or you will activate the bomb mixture!  The mixture should ALWAYS feel dry.
  • Try squeezing the mixture in your hand, if it doesn't hold together it needs more mixing and squeeze testing!
  • Watch out for a temperature drop in the mixture – this is the point when you have added enough moisture – it will suddenly feel cold
  • The mixture should hold together when squeezed VERY firmly in your hand, and should feel a little cool but still fairly dry – if it feels moist it will start to activate.  Patience is the key!

Shower Steamer Tablets

  • Now on to moulding, you are nearly there! 
  • Spoon dessert spoonfuls of the mixture into mould bases, pressing it down firmly.  Continue this until you have filled the mould. Pack the mixture slowly and quite tightly
  • When you have filled the mould, use the back of a spoon to compress and smooth the surface down nice and flat.  Brush out into granules from the rim.
  • Beware of open doors and humidity, both will tend to activate the unsealed bombs and unused mixture
  • Done!  Pop on the lid and make a swing tag or label .

Shower Steamer Tablets 

What are Parts in a Blend?

A 'part' is a measurement or ratio.  For instance, if you have 1.5kg of mixture (as you do with this product) you are going to be using approximately 30g Essential Oils - this is 2%.  So you know you have 30 parts needed, which equals 30g, 1 gram = 1 part.

Now apply this to this product, using the first blend below as an example.

If 1 part = 1g, and you want 30g (2%) and the blend parts add up to 10, so you times the parts x 3.  You now have 12 parts or grams of Eucalyptus, 6 parts or grams of Ginger and 12 parts or grams of Rosemary. 

2% of these particular Essential Oils is quite a lot of punchy Essential Oils, so you may prefer to use 1%, which is outlined below too!  

Aching Muscles and/or Head Cold   

4 parts Eucalyptus Essential Oil
2 parts Ginger Essential Oil
4 parts Rosemary Essential Oil


1 part = 1g

 4g Eucalyptus Essential Oil
 2g Ginger Essential Oil      
 4g Rosemary Essential Oil

2%   1%

 12g Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil
   6g Ginger Essential Oil
 12g Rosemary Essential Oil

    6g Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  3g Ginger Essential Oil
  6g Rosemary Essential Oil

 For the following, you can use the 'part'
as a drop measurement too:


 Winter Warmer

 4 parts Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
 4 parts Rosemary Essential Oil
 2 parts Black Pepper Essential Oil


 Spiced Lavender

 20 parts Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
   7 parts Patchouli Essential Oil
   3 parts Clove Bud Essential Oil 
 Colds & Flu

12 parts Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil
12 parts Peppermint Essential Oil
  5 parts Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil
             or Lemon Essential Oil

   Energising Blend

 14 parts Peppermint Essential Oil
 14 parts Lemongrass or Litsea Cubea
                (May Chang) Essential Oil

   2 parts Geranium Essential Oil

 Pick Me Up

5 parts Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil
5 parts Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
5 parts Peppermint Essential Oil



NOTE:  If using Add to Trolley there are no essential oils in the items, please select these individually




Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 10 fizzies
Time: 1 hour
sale: No
save: No