Fractionated Coconut Oil Moisturiser (Anhydrous)






2 x 100g batches


45 mins

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Fractionated Coconut Moisturiser - anhydrous 

There really is no formula or recipe for this product, but we have had so many requests for a tutorial for this product, here it is!  Because Butter Easy alters the viscosity, this creamy product can be packaged into a Malibu Tube as well as a pump bottle or a cosmetic jar as long as the product is not left in the heat (direct sun, glove box, beach etc.

It is easy to alter the thickness, just increase or decrease the Butter Easy to make the "butter" thicker or thinner.

You Need:


  • Small to medium microwave safe jug or Pyrex jug
  • Spatula


  • Place Butter Easy and Fractioinated Coconut Oil into a 250ml Pyrex jug and heat in microwave until they are liquid - take care not to overheat
  • Remove from the microwave – use a pot mitt to remove the jug

Fractionated Coconut Oil Moisturiser 

  • Stir intermittently until the mixture is either around 30 - 40°C or it starts to cloud
  • At this point add the essential oil or fragrance, and stir to combine
  • Continue intermittent stirring until the mixture has reached room temperature
  • Package into jars or tubes


 Note:  Ingredients make 2 x 100g batches - or double this to make 200g in one batch.

There are no essential oil or fragrance included in the trolley items.
There is a 10 pack of new style 15ml Airless Pumps - or you can select your
preferred packagaing

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 2 x 100g batches
Time: 45 mins