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Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner








1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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Our Coconut and Wheatgerm Conditioner makes a thick, cream conditioner that is best used with a pump, upside down tube or tub,  It is rich with dl Panthenol, and a smidge of Coconut Oil and Wheatgerm Oil for extra nourishment and shine.

This formula uses regular emulsion making technique.  If you have never made a Lotion or Hair Conditioner before, you can see full instructions on lotion making here.


Phase A

Citric Acid q.s. – to lower the pH for the preservation system

Phase B

Phase C

Equipment you'll need:

1 x Pyrex or microwave safe jug - must be 1200ml or larger
1 x small microwave safe jug
Stick blender
Scales, spatulas etc
Large ziplock bags - optional - used to pipe the hair conditioner into the bottles or tubes

Note:  Ensure you can sanitise all equipment - especially the whisk - it's best practice to have dedicated lotion making equipment.

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe


  • Combine the Phase A ingredients in the large jug and heat in the microwave to 70 – 75°C - checking and stirring periodically.
  • Combine the Phase B ingredients in the smal jug and heat in the microwave in short bursts to 70 – 75°C - checking and stirring each time.

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • Now combine the two Phases with stirring.  If using a stick blender use repetitive short bursts.  Immediately you pour combine the Phases you will see the mixture become milky.  

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • This is the beginning of the emulsion forming.

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • Continue to beat the mixture in short bursts during cool down, scraping down the sides of the jug.

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • The mixture becomes quite glossy during cool down. 

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • When the mixture has cooled to 40°C or lower add Phase C ingredients.
  • Mix well to combine and stir intermittently until the mixture has reached room temperature.

Coconut and Wheatgerm Hair Conditioner Recipe

  • I like to use a mid sized Zip Lock bag to fill my containers, as it's less messy and keeps everything clean.  Cut the bottle corner off the bottom and pipe into the pump bottles pump bottle, Tottle or Malibu Tubes. If you like to have a thicker consistency, you will need to do this whilst it is still warm.
  • Label and seal bottles or tubes when completely cold.


  • To see our recommended suggestions to scent surfactant and hair products, you can see them here

    If using "add to trolley" there is no fragrance, essential oil or Citric Acid in the basket.  You need to select your preferred style of packaging too.  You need to purchase Distilled Water from the supermarket or hardware store.




Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 1000g
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No